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A+D Genetics - Tokyo Gelato 6 Regular Seeds

A+D Genetics - Tokyo Gelato 6 Regular Seeds

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Crafted for connoisseurs seeking premium quality and exceptional yields, this cross is a testament to innovation and excellence.

With a flowering time of 8-12 weeks, you'll soon be rewarded with abundant harvests of top-shelf buds. Embrace the art of Low Stress Training (LST) to maximize yields, as this compact-growing strain is perfect for optimizing space in any cultivation setup.

Dive into a diverse spectrum of terpene profiles, from the soothing aromas of lavender and floral notes to the pungent scents of gas, glue, acrid, earthy, and pine. Each plant presents a unique olfactory experience that will enchant your senses and elevate your cannabis journey.

Our Regular F1 hybrid seeds ensure genetic stability, providing you with the foundation for successful and reliable cultivation. Elevate your grow with Gelato #41 x Lil Tokyo and indulge in a world of premium quality, aroma, and abundance.

Lil Tokyo (male) x Gelato #41 (female) | 6 Regular Seeds | Photoperiod Flowering | Grown in Minnesota by Minnesotans. PhD Cultivated.

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